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The SAVEWATER (SAVEWTR) Token Project is a continuance of our existing activities within the water supply and maintenance sphere. We are grateful to to be able to create this opportunity for investors to share in what we do best – conserve water. We hope that both institutional- and retail investors will support us in our endeavors to revolutionize the interaction between the consumer and the environment.

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  • dogecoin Dogecoin $0.16-2.59%
About Us

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SAVEWTR is a deflationary token project promoting the utilization of Earth’s water resources in a sustainable fashion and with top-of-the-mind mentality. The aim of the token project is to raise funding for Water Infrastructure Establishment and Rehabilitation. All funds raised from Project Token sales will be utilized for the purchase and installation of water networks and the repair of pipelines and water related equipment. The SAVEWTR project operates around the globe and our activities are driven by community needs in various geographical areas.

Experienced Since 2020

Communities approach us with their needs and we respond where possible.

Our Founder

Mr Jacques van der Merwe

Our Founder is Mr Jacques van der Merwe, who is also the Excecutive Chairman of the Maxify Business Group.

Mr. van der Merwe has extensive experience of roughly 30 years in the Waterworks Industry.

He has assembled a team of highly competent individuals to assist with the implementation of this project.

Our Core Proposition

The interaction between nature and the consumer is sometimes quite precarious. Most people wish to do good. But due to the silo-like structures of the various water industry role players, we are not making the type of progress that we should. Service delivery in many parts of the world is declining, for various reasons. One of the more prominent reasons is the issue of ageing infrastructure. As cities and towns grow, they lay more pipe. The more pipe laid, the greater the chances of failure, vandalism, theft and abuse. This declining infrastructure cause water leaks and resultant damage worth Trillions of Dollars and many other problems like erosion, pollution and contamination. Every liter of water lost through system leakage needs to be replaced by three liters of water from a river of dam, or from the sea. The other main driver of water losses is consumer behavior. Access to clean water has been declared a basic human right by numerous countries and regions. That means that, if water is available in your town or city, people have a right to consume some of it. But increasingly, entire towns and cities run out of water to the extent that there is none to give. We want the preservation of water resources to be top-of-mind priority in everything that people do. We aim to do this in revolutionary and innovative ways, and to change the way that this precious resource is perceived and handled.




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SAVEWTR is an online currency advancing the usage of Earth’s water with a good roadmap showing estimated completion of our project and dates that we are willing to achieve in our nearest future.

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SAVEWTR is a digital currency with a symbolic undertaking advancing the usage of Earth’s water assets in a reasonable design and with top-of-the-mind attitude.